A route of arms takes to the great Brazilian cartels in Argentina

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ROSARIO.- Until now, only traces of Primer Comando Capital appeared and other cartels in Brazil, in a country embodied in what is called “solitary wolves”. No organic presence of these criminal organizations was detected here. Pearl Argentina made it possible to be visible on the radar as a possible supplier of weapons and with favorable conditions to take root, as it was a decade ago with the arrival of Colombian narcos to wash money.

The 3rd of March, from the Paraguayans who bought part of the arsenal of war weapons that Rosario had Asunción, were convicted of in Paraguay for illegal arms trafficking. In this plot, he appears as the final recipient of fusiles, pistols, and munitions in Primer Comando Capital, which dominates part of the illegal market in this country, with the epicenter in Pedro Juan Caballero.

Paraguayan “entrepreneurs” Carlos León Ocampo and Eduardo Ramírez Cantero, alias Matungo, were arrested in Asunción at the end of July, by order of the jury in Economic Penalty No. 2 Pablo Yadarola, who is in front of Argentina from one of the most serious causes of the latest times on arms trafficking, since the American agency Homeland Security will detect the shipment of AR-15 asphalt fusel parts from Florida to Buenos Aires.

A similar weapon was found on May 26 in the control of the Gendarmerie in Misiones and it was found that the detainees in this form of control were part of a cell in the cartel Bullet in the Face, which planned an attack on the missionary Fernando Verón .

As LA NACIÓN revealed on August 10, the shipments of the weapons that León Ocampo and Ramírez Cantero received in Paraguay were hacked from Rosario, after being taken over in a residence in San Martín 2076, department C, where Luis Ragusa, Herman of Román lived, , one of the leaders of this organization that is currently processed and detained. In cases that the collective of the company Nuestra Señora de Asunción gave themselves to fusiles and weapons of all types, among them, FAL. In the last week, this kind of lively automatic fusil appeared in the hands of a member of the Los Monos band, which was discarded during a police investigation in Rosario after the gravity of the police.

“Hay witnesses the CCP on the Triple Frontera, especially for the Bersa arms trade in Argentina”, said in dialogue with the nation Allan Abreu, a journalist for the Piauí magazine, who published in November a research on the black arms market de Río de Janeiro.

“Currently, the main route of cocaine handled by PCC sale from Bolivia to Paraguay by airplanes or trucks up to San Pablo and Santos. The first represents the large cocaine consumer market in Brazil, along with Río de Janeiro, as Santos is because today it is controlled by the CCP to export large amounts of drugs to Europe.

Bring the pistol back

Abreu rebuilt the route of a Bersa pistol, manufactured in Argentina, which illegally used the New Holland slum Rio de Janeiro and served for Flávio dos Santos Rodrigues to kill his stepfather, an evangelical pastor, married to his mother, the federal government. Flordelis dos Santos de Souza.

The main supplier of the black market for arms in Brazil was Paraguay, which imported arms from the United States. Según Abreu, in 2017 “Paraguay was the country in Latin America that imported the most weapons from the United States”. The author of the Cocaine investigation book – The Caipira Route señaló that “in May 2018, Paraguay, under the United States government, suspended the importation of arms destined for sale to civilians”.

In Piauí, Abreu said that “as the crime does not leave a void (the demand for illegal weapons in Brazil continues at all costs), traffickers in Paraguay have found an opportunity in Argentina”.

This is the question that explains why Argentina was ready to import weapons from the United States that were destined for Paraguay, how it detected Homeland Security in 2019, a clue that led to the judicial investigation under the responsibility of the Yadarola juez, which detected a red arms traffickers who bought parts of guns and weapons in Argentina to be sent to Paraguay, from where contacts with the CCP were León Ocampo and Eduardo Ramírez Cantero.

The Paraguayan tax attorney Lilian Ledesma supported LA NACION that the court against the arms traffickers was very complex. León Ocampo is a businessman with many influences on Judiciary and Paraguayan politics. Esñado de Alberto Martínez Simón, Minister of the Supreme Court of Paraguay.

The field on the ground provided criminal organizations, as determined by the cause, as well as the National Police and the Armed Forces of Paraguay. For this task, according to the time in Asunción, I have access to the nation? generated the Comtecpar company, which between 2011 and 2014 imported material for US $ 569,885. Was the contact with the Paraguayan arms dealers in Argentina – did you just leave the office? Román Ragusa, who from Rosario sent the weapons to Asunción.

The smuggling of weapons and the payment of the “service” were hacked through long-distance bus drivers who united Asunción with Rosario and Buenos Aires.

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