New Russian ‘McDonald’s’ Doesn’t Start Off Well: Moldy Breads and Insect Legs Served to Customers

Gessen the Television Star Running Against Vladimir Putin
Gessen the Television Star Running Against Vladimir Putin

The start-up of the new McDonald’s restaurants in Russia, now known as Vkusno & Tochka, or “Tasty and ready” has not gone well: in some of the 50 restaurants opened in Moscow and the surrounding area last June, hamburger buns were served with mold, as reported on Tuesday by Knesia Sobchak, popular television celebrity and the most prominent female politician in the Russian opposition – “insect legs” were also found in hamburgers.

“Vkusno & Tochka sell moldy hamburgers,” Sobchak posted on the social network ‘Telegram’, adding: “It seems they don’t live up to McDonald’s standards, at least in terms of product quality control. Today, at least three cases of hamburgers with moldy buns sold to customers have been recorded.”

Other complaints from the new Russian fast-food chain are the lack of meat in cheeseburgers and cheese sauces that have expired. Customers also protested that the fries are “sad” compared to the real ones at McDonald’s, which had been in Russia – then the USSR – since 1990.

Vkusno & Tochka CEO Oleg Paroev said that all 850 former McDonald’s restaurants will be open by September under the new name.

McDonald’s decision to leave the country came as other American food and beverage giants, including Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and Starbucks, closed Russian operations due to Western sanctions. When McDonald’s sold its 700 restaurants, the new chain’s top executives promised that customers would have a better dining experience.

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