Putin rules out national mobilization to compensate for soldiers lost in Ukraine. Fears popular discontent and economic downturn

There are already several news and Western political leaders who point out that Russia is running out of military to fight the war in Ukraine and that this could lead Moscow to concentrate the war effort in the separatist regions in the Donbass and leave plans for an operation on hold. wider.

Figures advanced by the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine show that, between the beginning of the war, on February 24, and this Tuesday, July 5, Russia has already lost 36,350 soldiers.

Other reports reveal that the Kremlin is trying to recruit volunteers to revitalize battalions on the front lines in Ukraine, and may be doing so in prisons and state-owned enterprises in Russia.

In this context, the publication ‘Kyiv Independent’ points out that, despite the heavy losses suffered, Russian President Vladimir Putin resists declaring mandatory national conscription, even though his military advisers point out that this would be the best solution to solve the lack of soldiers on Ukrainian soil.

Citing experts, the same media reports that Putin fears that a national mobilization will generate waves of discontent and even phenomena of a popular uprising against the Russian regime. On the other hand, the Russian Head of State will want to avoid depriving economic sectors of essential manpower to prevent the country from being bent under the weight of Western sanctions that it is targeting, dragging with it an already fragile, although still resilient economy.

Another factor that keeps Putin away from a national mobilization is the recognition that the Russian bureaucratic system will not be able to support such a massive process.

Source: With Agencies

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