Sick? Putin is ‘too healthy’, says CIA director

Seal of the Central Intelligence Agency
Seal of the Central Intelligence Agency

Over the past few months, rumors have multiplied that the president of Russia will be ill, particularly with cancer. However, the CIA director has another opinion.

William Burns, director of the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), dismissed rumors that Vladimir Putin is sick, saying the Russian president is “too healthy”.

“As far as we can tell, he’s definitely too healthy,” he said.

The statement by Burn, who has watched and dealt with Putin for more than 20 years, came during the Security Forum in Aspen, Colorado, after being asked about the state of health of the Russian head of state.

“There are a lot of rumors about President Putin’s health and, as far as we can tell, he is very healthy,” Burns said. The CIA director later clarified that this was “an informal assessment of information”.

The CIA director highlighted that Putin is “a big believer” in “control, intimidation and revenge”, characteristics that have intensified in the last decade.

“He is convinced that his destiny as Russia’s leader is to restore Russia as a great power. He believes the key to doing that is to recreate a sphere of influence in Russia’s neighborhood and he cannot do that without controlling Ukraine. “, he explained.

“Putin really believes in his rhetoric. I’ve heard him say this in particular over the years, that Ukraine is not a real country,” he said, later noting the Ukrainian response.

“Well, the real countries react. And that’s what the Ukrainians did,” he added.

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