Truss leaves as favorite in Downing Street ‘race’ against Sunak

A day after the partisan vote that elected the two finalists for the Conservative leadership contest, the result of which will be announced on September 5, the poll indicates an advantage for Truss, with 62% of preferences, against 38% for his rival.

The same poll also reveals that 40% of respondents believe that Rishi Sunak “cannot be trusted”, but the former head of the finance portfolio claims to be the best placed to defeat Labor in the next general election.

“If you look at all the polls and what they tell us, it’s pretty clear that I’m the best placed person to beat [opposition leader] Kier Strammer in the next election,” scheduled for late 2024, he told LBC.

Liz Truss, in an interview with the Daily Mail, highlighted her approach “rooted in conservative values” and promised an immediate reduction in the country’s tax burden, the highest “in 70 years”.

After Wednesday’s partisan vote, which left Sunak and Truss as finalists, the party’s roughly 180,000 members have until Sept. stay in power in the UK.

Until a few months ago, former British finance minister Rishi Sunak was seen as the natural heir of Boris Johnson, who praised his loyalty and his governing skills.

But Sunak became one of the prime minister’s most critical voices, when he found himself embroiled in a long series of scandals, thus becoming a contender for the post not by natural succession, but by confrontation with the recent past of the Conservative leadership.

In this final stretch of the Conservative Party leadership race, Sunak will have to overcome Liz Truss, 46, the current head of British diplomacy, whom many call the new ‘Iron Lady’ – a designation attributed to the former prime minister. Margaret Thatcher, for the firm way in which she carried out her duties.

As Foreign Secretary, Truss has spearheaded the UK’s strategy of supporting Ukraine and Western sanctions against Russia in the wake of the February 24 Russian invasion and has also been one of the most prominent figures in the London-Brussels dispute. on post-‘Brexit’ trade deals, thus showing its Eurosceptic side.

In any of these tasks, Truss showed a combative approach, which has been highly praised especially by the far right faction of the Conservative Party, especially as she began to take off from Boris Johnson’s positions.

However, several analysts argue that the biggest challenge for Truss and Sunak is to be able to recover the prestige of the party, after the scandals that shook confidence in the conservatives and in the governance strategy of the current prime minister, to whom both were closely linked.

Source: With Agencies

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