USA. Joe Biden tests positive for Covid-19 with mild symptoms

Information was provided by the White House.

President of the United States of America (USA) Joe Biden tested positive for Covid-19 this Thursday, the White House said.

The announcement was made in a statement that said the 79-year-old US president has only “mild symptoms” and as such will continue to perform his duties in isolation from his office.

“This morning he contacted members of the White House via phone and participated in meetings via phone and Zoom from home,” the statement read.

According to his press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, Biden is taking Paxlovid and will resume face-to-face work as soon as he tests positive, reports Reuters.

The positive result for Covid-19 by Joe Biden, who is vaccinated with the booster dose, comes days after the president returned from a trip, where he was in contact with several leaders in Israel and the Middle East and was seen hugging employees without a mask during internal meetings.

The White House had already considered the possibility of Biden becoming infected, so it clarified that the president is vaccinated and has taken antiviral treatments to significantly reduce the risk of hospitalization.

Source: With Agencies

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