Ukrainian ports hit hours after grain deal

Several explosions hit the port city of Odessa on Saturday morning.

Russian forces have already started bombing Ukrainian ports again, hours after they signed the agreement on exports.

Several explosions hit the port city of Odessa on Saturday morning. The cause of the explosions is still unclear, according to the British channel BBC.

Under the terms of Friday’s agreement, brokered by the UN and Turkey, Russia agreed not to attack ports while grain shipments are in transit.

This agreement was described by the UN Secretary-General as “a beacon on the Black Sea” after months of conflict.

But according to what Oleksiy Honcharenko, a parliamentarian from Odessa, wrote on Telegram, there were six explosions in the city and the port caught fire after this morning’s attack, which goes against this promise.

Honcharenko further adds that Ukrainian air defenses shot down several other missiles and the planes were involved in air combat over the city.

“These scoundrels sign contracts with one hand and launch missiles with the other,” he wrote.

“We need planes and we need to sink the entire Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation. This will be the best deal for the export of cereals”, he stresses.

It is recalled that this Friday Kyiv and Moscow signed an agreement to allow the export of millions of tons of grain retained in Ukraine.

In light of this new understanding, Russia has agreed not to target ports while shipments are in transit and Ukraine has promised to guide cargo ships through mined waters.

The agreement – which took two months to reach – is now expected to last 120 days, with a coordination and monitoring center established in Istanbul, Turkey, staffed by UN, Turkish, Russian, and Ukrainian officials. This can only be renewed if both parties agree.

Source: With Agencies

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