China suspends cooperation with US in several areas in retaliation for Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan

China suspended dialogue with the United States in areas such as climate change, military issues, and the fight against drug trafficking.

The measures, announced by the Chinese Foreign Ministry, are the latest in a series of sanctions promised by Beijing and aimed at punishing Washington for Pelosi’s visit Tuesday and Wednesday to Taiwan, an island China claims as part of the country.

The first measures involved diplomatic protests and, since Thursday, naval and air exercises around the island, in which missiles have been fired.

According to the Chinese diplomacy note, the dialogue between military commanders and officials associated with the Department of Defense was cancelled, as well as meetings on military maritime security.

Cooperation on the return of illegal immigrants, criminal investigations, transnational crimes, climate change, and combating drug trafficking are suspended, the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs specified.

Hours earlier, in another statement, the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that Pelosi will be subject to sanctions, which were not specified, as it did not take into account China’s concerns and absolute opposition to the visit to the island, becoming the most top American official to visit her in 25 years.

The Chinese government had already said that Taiwan, as a Chinese territory, cannot have its own commitments with foreign governments.

The Chinese ministry also referred to Pelosi’s visit as “provocative” and stressed that the event “undermined China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity”.

For this reason, the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs argued, it was decided to impose sanctions on Pelosi and her immediate family but did not come forward with concrete measures. These types of sanctions are generally symbolic in nature.

China also announced that it had summoned European diplomats in the country to protest against statements issued by the G7 (Group of the 7 most industrialized countries) and the European Union (EU) criticizing the threatening Chinese military exercises near Taiwan, which it considers to be “a wanton interference in China’s internal affairs”.

Source: With Agencies

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