Sirens sound in Tel Aviv due to danger of explosions. Israel launches new attacks on Gaza

Israeli army prepares for attacks in Gaza Strip for a week. Palestinian authorities report 24 dead, including six children.

This Saturday, anti-missile warning sirens sounded in the Israeli city of Tel Aviv: it is the first time since the beginning of the ongoing armed escalation against the Islamic Jihad extremist group in Gaza, AFP said.

In a short statement, the army indicates that sirens sounded in the Gush Dan sector, near Tel Aviv. An AFP correspondent heard the warnings, which until now had only sounded in towns adjacent to the Gaza Strip, from where the Islamic Jihad group launches ‘rockets’ towards Israeli territory.

Already today, the Israeli army had said it was preparing to carry out attacks in the Gaza Strip for “a week”, where it has intensified attacks against the Islamic Jihad armed organization.

A military spokesman, quoted by France-Presse (AFP), said the army was “preparing for a week-long operation” and “is not currently carrying out ceasefire negotiations”, following reports that Egypt is trying to mediate the dialogue between Israel and Palestine, to calm the situation in the Palestinian enclave, where the exchange of fire continues.

The violence of recent days has already deprived the small piece of land wedged between Egypt, the Mediterranean Sea, and Israel and the 2.3 million inhabitants of its only power plant, which has stopped working due to lack of fuel, following the closing of borders.

On one side of the border, warnings of ‘rockets’ continue to sound in Israeli communities adjacent to the Palestinian territory, and on the other, the city of Gaza is as if paralyzed, between deserted streets and closed shops.

The Israeli army claims to target sites belonging to Islamic Jihad, also reporting 15 Israeli soldiers killed since Friday. Palestinian authorities report 24 dead, including six children, and more than 100 injured.

Gaza’s response so far has caused no casualties or damage, as most rockets have been intercepted by anti-missile shields, according to the Israeli army.

Islamic Jihad’s armed wing, the Al-Quds Brigades, said on Friday, after firing more than 100 missiles at Israeli soil, that it was only a “first response” to the assassination of one of its leaders, Tayssir Al- Jabari, during an Israeli attack.

Source: With Agencies

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