Islamic Jihad launches 600 rockets at Israel and Jerusalem attacks 140 targets

Palestinian Islamic Jihad has launched nearly 600 rockets against Israel since Friday, according to figures released today by the Israeli army, which, in turn, attacked about 140 of the group’s targets in the Gaza Strip.

The Israeli army reported today that at least 585 ‘rockets’ have been launched from Gaza by the Islamic Jihad group since the current peak of tension began, which has so far caused 29 deaths – all Palestinians – and more than 250 wounded.

Of the total number of projectiles launched from Gaza, 470 passed through Israel and 115 fell within the Strip itself before crossing the fence that separates the territories.

So far, Israel has suffered few attacks in populated areas, not least because, according to the army, the ‘Iron Dome’ air defense system has a 97% success rate, intercepting 185 of the launched rockets. The rest fell in unpopulated areas of the country.

While most of the projectiles fired were aimed at Israeli communities along the Gaza border, shots were also fired towards Tel Aviv on Saturday and towards Jerusalem today, although they were all intercepted before reaching their destination.

The army also said it had bombed 139 Islamic Jihad targets in Gaza, including facilities where the Palestinian group said the weapons were manufactured and stored, places where the ‘rockets’ were launched and a network of tunnels allegedly used by the group.

These attacks caused the deaths of at least nine members of the Jihad militia, including Khaled Mansur and Taysir al-Jabari, the top commanders of its armed wing.

For its part, the Palestinian Ministry of Health specified that the dead included six children and four women.

Five of the minors died on Saturday night after a projectile impact in northern Gaza, in an incident that Israel said was a failed rocket launch by Islamic Jihad, which in turn blamed the Israeli army for the attack.

The current spike in tension began after the arrest, on Monday, of the top leader of the Islamic Jihad organization in the West Bank, Bassem Saadi.

Faced with rumors about the possibility of retaliatory armed actions from the Palestinian enclave, Israel launched a “pre-emptive” strike against jihad targets in Gaza.

The Palestinian movement Hamas remains, for the time being, on the sidelines of the conflict, which has managed to contain its intensity, but has already condemned Israel, considering that it is “again committing crimes”.

Israel and armed groups in Gaza have been fighting several conflicts, the last of which took place in May 2021 and lasted 11 days, causing the deaths of 260 Palestinians and 13 Israelis.

Source: with agencies

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