NASA: Russia could be burning gas that was supposed to reach Europe

NASA has recorded fires at a Russian compressor station since the day that gas supplies to Europe began to be cut off. And the Ukrainian energy minister confirms burning.

The amount of gas that reaches Europe from Russia has been decreasing since the war on Ukrainian territory began, and now there is a hypothesis that Moscow could be burning this surplus of gas.

The images from the satellite that monitors the fires by NASA, advances the Finnish station Yle, show that every day, since June 17, there have been flames recorded at the Portovaya compression station – which is managed by the Russian company Gazprom and is also responsible for the transporting gas from one location to another. The 17th of June is, in fact, a milestone, since it was from this date that the delivery of gas to Germany through the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline was reduced.

According to the Finnish press, clouds of smoke were seen from Finland, which is associated with the burning of gas that was supposed to reach Europe. At the moment, about 20% of the amount of gas that was transported before the start of the war is arriving and Finland has not received Russian gas since May, following the sanctions imposed on Russia. The compressor stations may then be reaching their capacity limit and the flames recorded by satellite images may be related to the flaring of gas.

To explain the situation, Olga Vaisanen, responsible for communication at the Finnish energy company Gasum, indicated that gas flaring can happen when there are problems in production, or transport – which may have happened with the Portovaya compression station. For example, it may be necessary to resort to burning gas to maintain the pressure in the respective tanks or if it is not possible to deliver the gas to the customer.

Alongside NASA’s satellite images, German Galushchenko, Ukraine’s energy minister, also confirmed this option by Russia to circumvent the gas surplus. “Instead of making millions of euros in supplies, the Russians are forced to simply burn the gas,” the minister wrote on Facebook. “That’s why the West must maintain the sanctions regime and intensify it even further,” he added.

Source: With Agencies

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