The Nicaraguan regime closes three more radio stations

During the last broadcast on Radio San Carlos, on August 15, a prayer was made to the Divine Mercy, presided over by a nun who was present at the station’s booth located southeast of Managua. However, hours later, Instituto Nicaraguense de Telecomunicações e Correios (Telcor) canceled the station’s license, along with two other media outlets: Rádio La Guarachera and Rádio Sky, both located in the west of the country.

The last two stations belonged to the family of businessman Anibal Toruño, owner of Rádio Darío, which was also recently canceled.

Toruño said that the measure by the telecommunications regulator, led by Nahima Díaz, is part of an “attack and a genocide” against freedom of expression in Nicaragua, “by a monstrous insanity” of the regime of Daniel Ortega-Rosario Murillo.

In the case of Rádio San Carlos, it had been on the air for 23 years, according to its owner, Silvio Javier Pilarte Centeno, who thanked “the people for opening the doors of their homes to tune in”.

Telcor claimed that Radio San Carlos allegedly transmitted with a power that did not correspond to the authorized one, in the same way that it had “substantially” modified the facilities in which it was supposed to operate. This was the same claim used to close about 14 other media outlets in the first 15 days of August alone.

“Unfortunately, after being on the air for 23 years, Radio San Carlos 94.9 FM has ended its transmissions […]”, wrote its owner.

Between August 1 and 2, 10 stations in the Diocese of Matagalpa, run by Bishop Rolando José Álvarez, a critic of the Ortega regime, were closed.

Radio Vos and local channel RB3 “El Canal de la Zona Láctea” and channel NGTV3 were also closed, while on August 12 Radio Darío was canceled by a decision that its director Anibal Toruño described as “political”.

The following media outlets were canceled in August:
Radio Hermanos
Radio Santa Lucía, by Ciudad Darío
Sebaco Catholic Radio
Radio Nuestra Señora de Lourdes, by La Dalia
Radio Nuestra Señora de Fátima from Rancho Grande
Radio San Jose de Matiguás
Radio Monte Carmelo, by Río Blanco
Radio Alliens, from San Dionisio
Radio Vos
RB3 channel
NGTV3 channel
Radio Darío
Radio La Guarachera
Sky Radio
Radio San Carlos

Source: With Agencies

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