Australian protesters question role of monarchy

Protest leaders set an Australian flag on fire in an intense display during Brisbane’s ‘Abolish the Monarchy’ protests EPA

In Australia, the day of national mourning for Queen Elizabeth II exposed opposing concepts of the monarchy.

Dignitaries, including the sovereign’s representative in Australia, paid tribute in a ceremony at the parliament in Canberra.

Among the speakers was Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, who wants Australia to replace the British monarch with an Australian head of state.

“Perhaps the greatest tribute we can offer to his family and his memory is not a marble statue or a metal plaque, but a renewed embrace of service to the community, a truer understanding of our duty to others, a stronger commitment to respect for all,” said Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese.

But those feelings were not reflected elsewhere in the country. In Melbourne hundreds of people protested, claiming that the monarchy played a role in the damaging impact of British colonization on indigenous peoples.

“If we go back to the legal documents and all the documents that imprisoned our people, it was her signature that was on them, so she is by no means innocent,” explained one protester.

Two opinion polls published since the Queen’s death show that most Australians want to remain a constitutional monarchy.

Republicans say this is a temporary reaction to intense media coverage of an extremely popular figure.

Source: With Agencies

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