Peru president impeached, first female president sworn in

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Dina Boluarte (photo credit Reuters)

Dina Boluarte, 60, was vice to Mr. Castillo who was impeached on Wednesday after announcing a state of emergency and the dissolution of congress.

Peru has sworn in its first female leader following a long day of political imbroglio which saw the impeachment of former president Pedro Castillo.

Dina Boluarte, 60, was vice to Mr. Castillo who was impeached on Wednesday after announcing a state of emergency and the dissolution of parliament.

Following Mr. Castillo’s impeachment, Ms Boluarte was called upon to take over leadership of the South American country. She was sworn in as president and would be in office till 2026.

She condemned her predecessor’s attempt to dissolve parliament, describing it as an attempted coup.

She called for a political truce after months of instability, including two prior impeachment attempts, and said a new cabinet inclusive of all political stripes would be formed, Reuters reported.

How former president Castillo was impeached and arrested

In a bid to hold on to power, a few hours to the commencement of fresh but controversial impeachment hearings, Mr Castillo took to national television to announce a state of emergency and dissolution of congress.

Paying no mind to his pronouncement, the parliament proceeded with the impeachment, the third attempt since he came into office in July 2021.

A total of 101 legislators voted in favour of removing him, six voted against and there were 10 abstentions.

Mr Castillo’s government has had various controversies, with dozens of ministers appointed, replaced, fired or quitting their posts in little more than a year.

After his impeachment, Mr. Castillo was arrested in Lima on his way to the Mexican embassy.

According to the BBC, photos shared by the police but later deleted showed the former president sitting, seemingly relaxed, and chatting with others.

In a statement, Peru’s public ministry said Mr. Castillo had been detained “for allegedly committing a crime against the Powers of the State and Constitutional Order.” He has yet to be formally charged.

His downfall was marked by some small street clashes in Lima, with supporters marching and tussling with police. One demonstrator held a sign saying: “Pedro, the people are with you.”

Television outlets showed Mr. Castillo leaving a police station and reported he would be moved to a police-run prison.

Mexico’s Foreign Minister, Marcelo Ebrard, was quoted by the BBC as saying Mexico was “very concerned” about Mr Castillo’s detention, but said the former president had yet to make a formal request for asylum or aid from his government.

He said Mexico is willing to offer him asylum.

“Mexico regrets the latest events in Peru and wishes respect for democracy and human rights, for the good of that endearing sister nation,” Mr. Ebrard added in a post on Twitter.

The Summit of the Pacific Alliance scheduled for 14 December in the City of Lima has also been postponed as a result.

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