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The World in which we live in an increasingly dangerous place, subject to many widely differing threats that range from nuclear weapons proliferation to chemical and biological warfare, and from international crime to tribal genocide and terrorism.

Trouble Spots explain trough concise articles and clear graphics, the causes of conflict – whether it is currently in progress, in abeyance, or imminent unless preventive measures are taken.

Thematic problems such as global warming and weapons of mass destruction are reviewed, but Trouble Spots focuses mainly on the unrest of regional nature, such as in the Middle East, the Indian Sub-Continent, and in East and South-East Asia. Maps are used as a key to each topic, showing not simply the geographical features which influence military or humanitarian activity, but also the locations of the various factors contributing to the problem, for example, population ethnicity or religious breakdown.

Trouble Spots is meticulously researched and richly illustrated with specially commissioned maps and diagrams and photos from around the world. It is an essential site for anyone who wishes to understand the causes of conflict in the contemporary world.


José Carlos Palma

Editor and Creator of project Smartencyclopedia

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