About Us

By José Carlos Palma *

Forty years after the end of the Cold War, it is possible to measure and set in the elements of change, but also of continuity, which characterises the global strategic situation.

The changes vis-à-vis the Cold War period are awesome. In contrast to more than four decades of a tense but stand-off, Europe has once again become the seat of open warfare, with the complex conflict in Ukraine.

In my opinion, the Cold War never ended. There was only a period where the strategic pieces of geopolitics fit into the emerging blocks. The fall of Communism and the ineffectiveness of the free Western world left a vacuum in time and space for what was left of the Soviet Empire. Riding to their victory, the United States and its Allies neglected to democratize Russia, much to the fault of the implemented plan that capitalism would transform Russian society. They forgot that after more than 70 years of the communist regime, he left his men and ideas on the ground. They let a regime be born that drank from capitalism to transform itself into an oligarchy without principles.

Now we don’t have a Cold War but a Hot War that takes place daily on the vast plains of Ukraine, with global impact at all levels, from energy to agriculture.

It is in this context that this site was born. In it, we will follow the issues that mark the moment on this planet of ours that we love!

I invite all those who want to participate to join this office of analysis of world affairs.


* José Carlos PalmaInternational Analyst at